Umano at Muse

As the beginning of the year draws closer parents are out shopping with their kids for new backpacks, pencils, paper, tissues, and much more. As a kid, I remember looking forward to this trip every year. I loved filling up the cart with new items that I would get to bring to school to show off to my friends. These trips not only made me excited for the new school year to start but also supplied me with the fundamentals I needed for an education. However, not every family has the financial abilities to provide all of the necessary supplies for their kids. One of our newest brands, Umano, is working to solve this issue facing children everywhere. Umano reaches kids in the US, Peru, and Mexico and is working to expand their reach to other impoverished areas. Each one of these super cute t-shirts have a pocket detail designed by a kid in need. Each t-shirt sold provides a kid in need with a backpack full of school supplies to help them continue their education. This year add an Umano t-shirt to your back to school shopping list and give someone the chance at a better future. T-shirts in stock at Muse! $32-$42 each.

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