Crisp White Shirt

White shirts are the BFF of the fashion world.  I’ll never forget the first time I realized that.  I was in college, crazy about a boy who spent his Spring Break jumping onto trains like a hobo.  Anyway, we took ceramics together and I was awaiting his return when through the door appeared this sun kissed stud in a crisp white shirt and ratty jeans.  He looked as though Heaven had lost an Angel the way his white shirt reflected his beaming smile.  I swear he had rays of light around him.

From that moment on I always noticed the instant effects that wearing white gave.  Feeling tired?  Wear white.  Skin lookin blah…?  Wear white.  The list goes on.  If I were a doctor I would prescribe “Crisp White Shirts” to all my patients.

Here I am wearing a Fifteen Twenty knit blouse, tucked into some old well worn Red Engine boyfriend jeans.  FYI.  White lingerie has a similar effect.


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