Gifts for under $40.00.

This holiday season we would like to help you stay on budget as you gather gifts for those on your list.  Here are just a few of our favorite affordable gifts.

1.  This is a great belt style enameled cuff for that preppy Chanel loving girl on your list.  $27.00

2.  This year Voluspa candles really delivered the goods with their holiday collection.  $18.00 to $24.00.

3.  Need a lil something for that gal pal at work you share your Pinterest addiction with?  Jeweled elastic bracelet $14.00

4.  The cookie party gift exchange just got fabulous because all the girls can check to see if their Shoe Strology matches their personality.  You are likely to be a Jimmy Choo you smart girl.  $17.95

5.  This gift is for the sentimental friend who blogs, posts and shares all the happenings of her life.  Q&A a day for 5 years, journals 365 tidbits of you for 5 consecutive years.  Today’s question; What is your most recent act of generosity?  Giving this fabulous book!  $16.99

6.  More Voluspa, but in the standard packaging.  Our favorite is to give Arcadia to our girlfriends who live in Arcadia.  $10.00-$19.50 there is a fragrance for everybody.

7.  The register area is loaded with ton’s of bracelets.  It’s unanimous among woman that bracelets make the best gifts.  Most of us wear at least 7 on a daily basis.  You can never have too many and everyone has a story behind it.  $12.00- $38.00.

8.  I am super picky about soaps and lotions.  It has to be natural with few ingredients, not perfumee but scented with intoxicating blends of essential oils and packaged perfectly.  KHall is that product.  We sell these adorable paint tubes of body hand cream and these enormous triple milled shea butter/olive oil soaps.  $12.00-$20.00.

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