Meet Our Muse Girl: Abby

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Meet our Muse Girl Abby!
Abby is our longest running girl here at Muse! Vic had the pleasure of giving Abby her first job right out of college and she has been here, off and on, ever since… coming up on nearly 10 years! When she is not hard at work here on Sunday’s, she is teaching art to little ones at All Saint’s Episcopal Day School! On whatever she has time off she loves painting, drawing and basically anything arts and crafting – even if it ends in some type of mess; but she is also a passionate foodie (recently obsessed with crock pot meals!) and makes some bad ass delicious cakes too! Abby is such a foodie, you might even catch her wearing a super cute hamburger shirt, which is absolutely awesome (Just like her)!

When we asked Abby about her favorite thing about working here at Muse, she admired all the little details that Vic has put into the store over the years. Everywhere you look in the store you can see the little details that are so thoroughly thought out, which helps add a little extra to the vibe of the store and everyone’s experience when they’re shopping! Abby added that she admires how much the store embodies Vic as a person and artist, but at the same time so many different shoppers, personalities, and unique styles cab find something that fits them here!

Abby’s favorite trend this season is one that she loves to wear day-to-night because it makes her feel like a giant! Not really, but when you’re petite like us, we will take whatever height we can get! She loves a cute romper that helps elongate her, and make her legs appear longer than they are! What’s even better than making her feel amazing in rompers like the one she’s wearing is that there are so many different styles and also prints/colors that make this trend a lot of fun! Abby loves the simple one she is wearing because it is sexy, but not in-your-face, and the little detail of delicate jewelry tops off the whole look!

When your Sunday night hangout is a fun low-key pub, called The Pig’s Meow, where your boyfriend’s band plays, there’s no question this little hidden gem was Abby’s pick for her favorite local spot. Abby loves this place because it is more of a pub vibe with a fun, laid-back atmosphere. “Pubs over Clubs” she says laughing, but it’s totally true in her case… especially since she has such a laid back Irish blood running through her veins from her parents! The Pigs Meow is such an intimate place that if you have no idea what you want to drink, all you need to do is tell the bartenders a little about what flavors you like and they will find you the perfect beer, cider, or vino! In a little room next door is a version your parent’s basement from the 80s/90s filled with wall murals, vintage video games, board games, darts, a life size “bowling ball pool table” and more. You can even relax on a few antique and distressed looking chairs and couches that look like they were picked up from various yard sales – one man’s trash is another’s treasure, right?! This place is filled with a treasure box of goodies from the people meeting up and mingling here, to the local band/music (#BlackBeardsDelightAZ), and even the unconventional menu items of grilled cheese, Twinkies, Drumsticks, and Firecracker popsicles!

Some trendy styling tips from Abby is that black is the best color, for everyone, not just her! But most importantly, she says it’s important to know your figure and best features, and to play up those things! It’s important to know what looks good and to use it to your advantage! Wear what you are comfortable in and what makes you feel comfortable and confident! Don’t feel pressured by others or that you absolutely have to wear a style or trend. Just stay true to yourself, what you love and rock it! Great advice Abby! Thank you for all your creativity and dedication over the years! We love you and your spunky personality and uniqueness!

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