Meet Our Muse Girl: Chris


Chris has been here at Muse for 4 years now… boy, how time flies! Before working at Muse, Chris was, and still is, a very active mom, wife, runner and hiker! She has such a welcoming personality from the moment you walk in the door, she is more than happy to take care of you while you’re shopping to help you find the perfect gift, or outfit for any special occasion (or just a new outfit in general)!


Chris has lived in Phoenix since finishing college, but grew up in the Midwest. One of our favorite attributes about Chris is her love for her Greek roots and heritage as she was born in Greece, but immigrated to the states at a young age. Given the fact she is Greek and loves her roots, it is no surprise that her favorite local spot in her ‘hood is none other than George’s Kitchen; a family owned Greek restaurant that has been in the business for many years, with the second generation of the family recently taking over. Her favorite items on the menu that she says she can’t live without include their fresh pita bread and grilled calamari salad, but the grilled chicken salad is a close second!


Chris’ go-to favorite trend this season is the hip new skinny/boyfriend jeans paired with easy and fun tops, like the one in her pictures! She loves something that is easy to throw on and run out the door, but has a little added fun like a hint of fringe! This trend is one of her favorites because of how versatile it can be. With skinny/boyfriend jeans you can easily dress up or down your outfit and transition from day to night! In general, this is an all around “uniform” for her all year long, and we can totally see why! Keep rocking your laid-back and fun style Chris, we love it and you!

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  1. Susie corn says: Reply

    Chris is wonderful. Bright and shiny and always so helpful. We love George’s too. Our favorite is the calamari too co

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