Meet Our Muse Girl: Julie




Meet our Muse Girl Julie!

Julie (AKA: Ju-lie) has been working at Muse for just over a year now, but when you walk into the store, she will greet you and take care of you as if you have been best friends since college! Julie is a true Southern Belle at heart, with a love for Texas where her kids now live and one in college at TCU, as well as the outdoors, but she has an absolute heart of gold and sweetest personality. Since we aren’t in the south here in Phoenix, per say, we will just call he our Southwestern Belle, which is just as suiting considering her favorite trends are all white everything and turquoise jewels.

The spring trend Julie is most looking forward to this season is all white everything with a little (or a lot) of turquoise jewelry. She loves the all white trend because classic, crisp white is so pretty on absolutely everyone. Add on a little antique turquoise and you have a fabulous look from head-to-toe! Julie has inherited a lot of turquoise over the years from family and loves to show it off! Her favorite though is authentic turquoise from Native American reservations around the state. She says her style advice is, if you don’t have any authentic turquoise, then you definitely need to take a trip to a reservation and get some, because nothing compares to the real thing!

We love Julie so much for her honesty, so when we asked Julie her favorite thing about working at Muse, she started to laugh and said it was the brand new wardrobe she has made from working here, and her obsession with Melis energie bracelets. But who can blame her – we’re all shopping addicts at heart here! But the truth is, this is just an added perk to her real reason, which is the socialization aspect of being able to mingle and talk with the customers day to day!

Although Julie’s first choice for her favorite spot was the beach, it’s not exactly local (and we don’t exactly have those in our backyard) so instead, her immediate next choice was Flower Child! She is “addicted” to their yummy classic yellow lemonade with a side of Red Chili glazed sweet potatoes with bok choy and sesame seeds – another choice we can’t fault her on! Julie is nothing short of a gorgeous flower child herself; we love you for always putting a smile on our faces and our customers!

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  1. Janet Keyser says: Reply

    I love the dress she has on here. So cute!

  2. Katie Hendricks says: Reply

    ❤️❤️❤️Julie and ❤️❤️❤️ Muse
    Perfectly described Julie! She is lovely in every way!

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