Meet Our Muse Girl – Liv

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Meet Our Muse Girl, Liv!

Starting off as our model for our website and social media posts, Liv has quickly grown into a fabulous all-around addition to Muse! She may be our youngest here, but in reality she keeps us all young when we are around her thanks to her outgoing personality, hip fashion statement outfits (head-to-toe of course), and keeping us up on the gossip in high school and all those things that are really important in a teenagers life these days! I mean we need to find some way to stay young, right?! So we will continue to live vicariously through you Liv! However, we aren’t exactly thrilled for you to be graduating next Summer and leaving us to go explore life as a college girl, hopefully at NYU, so we can come visit you and go shopping all the time! (Fingers crossed!)

Similar to our other Muse girls, Liv’s favorite part about working here is being able to meet and mingle with all the customers, new and long-time shoppers. In addition to this, she is also grateful for the close bonds and friendships she has made with all the girls she gets to work with here, and we are too. Her response is a true testament of what a sweetheart this down to each girl is, at such a young age!

Liv’s local hang out is none other than downtown’s Chinese/Japanese fusion restaurant, Clever Koi. She chose this modern spot because their cuisine is such a unique blend of different American/Asian food and cultures within our great neighborhood! The staff are always extremely nice and easy to talk to and it is just an overall fun and chill atmosphere to hangout in while having dinner with friends or family! Liv’s top menu choices include the chicken and waffle steam buns, the cauliflower ramen, or the pork belly ramen with bean sprouts! I’m sure we wont regret any of these choices!

As for her number one trend pick for this Spring/Summer season, she chose none other than the maxi dress! She is obsessed with this trend because it is an entire outfit in just one piece – all you need to do to complete your look is simply add a few accessories and maybe a cute sun hat, or fedora, and you are good to go! If you are an on-the-go mama, a travel bug, or just need a simple and cute outfit, the maxi dress is an easy choice for anyone to wear and look absolutely amazing in, especially all the fun day-to-night styles that are out now, this trend just got even better for all you ladies heading straight from work or school, out to dinner with your girlfriends! Another reason Liv loves this trend is because it is fun to wear and change up your style, and transitions perfectly for the Spring time and all this gorgeous weather! Liv’s styling tips for wearing maxi dresses this season include wearing it with delicate jewels and sandals for a beachy and laid-back look, or you can dress it up with some wedges for a night out, or dinner with the girls!

We love how you literally will jump for joy every time you are working and how overjoyed and excited you get when you come into work and try on all the cute new arrivals we have and put on a fashion show for us! We hope you stick around for a long time and keep your positive energy alive, your future is extremely bright young grasshopper!


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