Meet Our Muse Girl: Mary Anna

EPXN0OS8Meet our Muse Girl, Mary Anna!

Mary Anna’s personality is as vibrant as her bright red hair! She has been working at Muse for just over a year, but has been a loyal customer ever since we first opened back in 2005!

A recently retired educator, but still involved in teaching; she loves her Central Phoenix hood, which she has called home for many years. Her go to spot you ask? You can find her on most mornings at her favorite coffee bar, Lux!
Coffee would be as good a reason as any to choose Lux as one of your favorite local spots to hang out, mingle, get some work done; but, Mary Anna loves this local gem for its urban atmosphere and the eclectic crowd of individuals that accumulates here. Mary Anna’s go to order is an iced or hot coffee, but always with almond milk! Even when she can’t make it down to Central and Turney to hit up the spot for a fresh brew in the café, she likes to brew their ground coffee herself at home, so she always has access to Lux coffee whenever she needs a little pick-me-up!

Spring is full of many new and also re-imagined trends, that when asked, it may be hard to think of your favorite, on the spot! Mary Anna’s decision on the other hand, much like her decision to choose Lux as her favorite local spot, took little hesitation. Flare jeans, distressed tees, and her favorite Bed|Stu wedges. With the 70s making such a prominent impact coming back into style in the fashion world with various trends, the flare jean reminds Mary Anna of her high school days, but also now this jean is not just for the young, or the old reliving their glory days. Anyone and everyone, no matter the age or body type can rock these flares, not to mention how comfortable they are! Graphic tees have always been a staple in the fashion world for their comfort and witty saying, or artsy designs, but now we are kicking it up a notch adding rips, tears, fading, bleach stains, gaping holes and more! Mary Anna loves these new shredded and distressed tees because of how fun and unique they are, and once again, anyone can wear them!

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