Meet our OG Muse Girl, Victoria!


Meet our OG Muse Girl, Victoria!


The one responsible for all the cute things you buy and love from Muse, Victoria is the one behind the curtain that makes Muse so amazing and everything that it has become today! 10 years in business, she has made such an impact in the local community with not only her store, but also giving back and supporting other local businesses and vendors! Vic has turned this store into such an amazing place where friends can meet and mingle, with a plethora of different ages and styles, everyone can find something cute to wear to a weekend festival, or grab the perfect gift for your friend on the way to a party (because we always forget those things last minute)! The store has become everything that Vic has ever imagined it to be now in her new location and has found that the new Muse fits in so perfectly with all the renovations happening here at Uptown Plaza!


When you look at Victoria it is obvious she is a bohemian queen, so her favorite trend definitely resembles that. Bohemian everything with an emphasis on boho accessories is her go-to trend this Spring/Summer season. It is all about the icing on the cake she says! Boho accessories, or any accessories at all are crucial to an outfit because it is the finishing touches that make your outfit/style uniquely yours. Vic loves this trend because you can easily change up any look by wearing different accessories every time you wear something, such as adding a hat, or a fun belt to a maxi skirt and VIOLA you have a completely different look.


Some styling tips from our number one boho babe is that you have to give yourself time to play with your clothes and accessories when you are getting ready! Playing dress up with your wardrobe is crucial! “Playing dress up begins at age five, and never truly ends!” ain’t that the truth… never leave the house without playing dress up with your clothes, accessories and shoes, so that you will know you have found the perfect outfit when you are ready to head out and seize the day! If you have ever had a conversation with Vic about wearing a belt with something you may have heard her say that belts are for experts. Well, she doesn’t really mean that you have no hope of ever wearing a belt, is you aren’t a style/fashion expert, but rather that you have to take the time to play with a belt and your outfit in order to make your look complete! And finally, Victoria’s number one go-to advice for anyone… tuck your tops in, AKA her ever-so-popular and rad “sloppy tuck”. Why, you may ask is this her favorite styling hack? Well, hint hint… it makes your legs look longer – so everyone needs to be doing it basically, because who wants to look short?!


Being the kindhearted and passionate person that Victoria is, it is no surprise that she didn’t choose just one place for her favorite local spot, but rather three! Fair Trade Cafe, Angel’s Trumpet Ale House and the Phoenix Public Market! I think we would like to hit all three of those in one day, especially with Victoria by our side leading the way and pointing us to all the best finds! Soon to be downtown residents, Vic and her hubby are all about these local spots and the new reinvention of Phoenix’s urban core in the downtown area, they can’t resist but to be smack dab in the center of all the exciting changes, eager to explore and enjoy! All of these spots are locally owned, and being a local business owner, she is all about supporting other local shops, restaurants, and other local vendors and hot spots!


The new Muse at Uptown Plaza is exactly how Victoria has always pictured the store to be. The location, clientele, vibe of the store and more! After 10 years it feels as though Muse got a reboot and when we moved here to Uptown we had a little bit of a reinvention ourselves, but still staying true to our unique Muse style. Vic has always felt like her work and the store is a ministry to women and more of a customer service business, rather than a clothing or retail store. This is nothing but the truth, and anyone who knows Vic or who has even come into the store knows that her philosophy is all about the customers and how they are most important to her! Whether you are a long time customer, or a first timer stopping in while waiting for your food at Flower Child, or walking through after grabbing an iced tea at AJ’s, she will welcome you into the store and help you find anything you are looking for, or even will surprise you with something you never would have thought to try on and end up loving it! She is just that person with everyone’s best interests at the forefront of her mind and heart before anything else!

We love you Vic for all the hot styles you bring to us, how much you love and support local, and having an exceptional taste in absolutely everything you do and sharing it with your Muse family and friends! Basically thanks for overall just being a badass boss lady! Cheers to our final March Muse Girl, the OG her self, Victoria!

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