Shorts for your age and body.

Shorts, for some, are the equivalent of wearing a swimsuit in public.  Scary!!!  A lot of women just refuse to even entertain the concept of showing a little leg, even when it is 110 outside.  The truth is most of us can look rather sheik in summer’s lil pant.  Here are a few of my rules.

  1. All of us have a mid-thigh area of 4-6 inches where your thigh is most firm.  Your short hem should be above the fleshy part of the knee and yet below the cheeky part of our upper thigh.
  2. Shorter legs like mine actually look better at the shorter end of the safe zone.  This will show more leg giving the illusion of longer legs.  Longer legged women have fewer restrictions.
  3. A tailored trouser style works best for a woman concerned with age appropriateness.
  4. Always wear a top with more coverage.  Show skin in just one place.
  5. Wedges, sandals, flats, loafers, ankle booties are all appropriate footwear.  Pumps are forbidden unless it’s evening.  Generally, the shorter the short the higher you can go with heels.

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