Travel in Style

Whether you’re headed out of town with the kids for Fall Break this month or you’re thinking ahead to your holiday travel plans, we’ve got some great tips for packing and vacationing in style.

En Route
Comfort is key. But no one wants to see your bagged-out sweats or pajama pants at the airport (What happened to the good old days when people used to dress up to travel? So chic!). Choose jeans with some stretch in them—we love Level 99—they look great and feel even better. Or another favorite for travel are the elastic waist/wide-leg pants by Viereck and by Veronica M. They won’t wrinkle and are so, so comfortable.Coverage is important too! Avoid wearing too-short shorts that you’ll end up tugging at in your seat or a low-cut top you’ll be fussing with. When in doubt, make sure you have your trusty scarf handy (more on that later) in case you need to cover up.

Fight the urge to wear your flip-flops. Choose flats, such as our faves by Yosi Samra, which are easy-on/easy-off in the security line. They’re also super-compact, so if you do wear your cute wedges, heels, or boots for travel, stash the flats in your carry-on to change into on the plane.

In Your Suitcase
Viereck and Veronica M. pieces (tops, pants, dresses, rompers!) are our absolute go-to for packing. The fabrics can literally be wadded up in the corner of your suitcase and still look amazing. They can also be quickly hand-washed in the sink of your hotel, so multiple-wears are easy.Also easy are one-piece outfits such as dresses and jumpsuits. There’s less coordination to think about and don’t you often feel more “pulled-together” in a one-piece?Think double-duty and versatility. Pack pieces that can be worn different ways for different looks. Our favorite Michael Stars scarves work around your neck to dress up your t-shirt or as a sarong with a tank and denim jacket. Gorgeous silk pieces from Tolani can be worn as a dress, a tunic, tucked into jeans, or even as a bathing suit cover-up.Hope these tips help with your planning. Bon voyage!