Ways to Ring in the New Year

We’re always looking for fun new ways to celebrate the New Year and we recently stumbled upon a few ways people celebrate across the globe.

In Mexico, women wear new panties for the New Year. They choose from two colors: Red for love or yellow for money in hopes that they will find one of the two in the upcoming year. (We have both red and yellow Hanky Panky if this is something you want to try!)

In Rio de Janeiro, people gather at the beach at midnight to throw flowers in the ocean.

In Denmark, friends break dishes on each other’s doorsteps. Those with the most plates at the end of the night are considered to be the most loyal friends.

Filipino women ring in the New Year wearing polka dots. The roundness signifies coins and wealth for the upcoming year. (We’ve got some great polka dots for your New Year!)

So, if you’re tired of just watching the ball drop in Times Square, try one of these and add a fun new tradition to your 2013. Happy New Year!




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