What to wear with hives?

This morning I enjoyed my usual breakfast of oatmeal with honey and blueberries.  Yummy!  But today, I broke out in Hives 20 minutes later.  Lately, I have been a lil wary of bee products.  My Burt’s Bee’s lip products have been stinging my lips, kinda weird? I need to qualify my concern.  I am allergic to bee’s.  Could it be my love of the lip balm and my need for honey caused my skin crawling incident this morning?  Never the less, after having taken an antihistamine I needed an itch reducing outfit.  After trying on everything in my closet, ironically, my white Hudson jeans have really come thru for me.  I’ve always appreciated soft, stretchy denim.  Now I have a new reason to forever love my Hudson’s.


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