What's in my Bag


When I’m choosing a handbag there are two requirements: 1. It has to be stylish and 2. It has to fit all the goodies I can’t leave the house with out. This light blue, gold studded bag  (in stock at Muse now, $138) is the perfect example of this. The detailing of the studs along with the color gives it a cool charm while the large pocket inside allows for all of my items to fit with out overstuffing the bag.

Some people may say less is more but when it comes to filling my handbag there are certain items that I simply cannot leave the house with out. 1. With the rising temperatures outside restaurants, theaters, and shops try to beat the heat with over chilling air conditioning. I always keep a colorful and cute scarf in my bag to wrap around my shoulders in these situations. This scarf pictured above (in stock at Muse, $16) adds a fun element to any outfit while keeping the chill off of my shoulders. 2. Another essential I always keep in my bag is an oversized zip wallet. This allows room for all of my cards, cash, and receipts to be tucked away in an organized and accessible manor. This wallet (pictured above) also comes with a removable wrist strap to hook on and carry around on nights out (in stock at Muse, $32). 3. Whether I have a day of errands or a long day at work I am always prepared with a pile of flipped bird hair ties that I can quickly pull my hair into a stylish ponytail or bun (in stock at Muse, $2 each). These are great for vamping up flat end-of-the-day hair and won’t crease or damage your hair when taking them out. 4. Summer is in full swing and the sunshine is intense. I always keep a small tube of sunscreen in my bag to protect my skin from the damaging sunrays. I prefer Banana Boat Spot in a SPF of 30 or higher to insure full protection from a painful burn (available in any drugstore, $4). Living in the dry heat of Phoenix it seems that my hands and lips are quickly depleted of any moisture. 5. It is crucial to carry around a hand cream to prevent chapped and flaky hands. I love K. Hall Designs’ Verbena hand cream because it adds a light summery scent while moisturizing my hands (in stock at Muse, $20). 6. In addition, I always carry around a moisturizing lip balm to protect my lips. I love Bath and Body Works organic peach gloss because it adds a nice shine as well as moisture (Bath and Body Works, $7). 7. One never knows when they will need a new pair of clean undies.  Just incase, I always keep a spare Hanky Panky thong in my bag for these situations (in stock at Muse, $20). 8. My iPhone is my best friend. It keeps me organized with its calendar and email apps and connected with its social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram. 9. I always carry a pack of minty Orbit gum to freshen up my breath after a flavorful meal. 10. I love my sunnies to shade my eyes from the intense sun. Ray Bans offer a classic and stylish flare to every outfit. There are many styles to match with your personality and wardrobe. A must have for every summer. 11. One of the most important things in my bag are my keys. I wouldn’t be able to get very far with out them! 12. The last item I always bring in my handbag is my iPad. I keep it in this cute iPad case that has plush padding to protect my favorite gadget (in stock at Muse, $53).

Whatever the occasion and whatever the situation I am always prepared with these 12 items I have in my handbag at all times.


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